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Health Faculty

Ms. S Lowis

Curriculum Intent

We want our students to be valuable citizens of society, community and country.

Our Curriculum Mission Statement

"All will succeed, All will be healthy"

The Health of our students mind and body is key. As a Health Faculty, our aim is to ensure that our students are able to understand how to lead healthy and active lifestyles in order to take care of themselves. Through engaging lessons, we want to encourage lifelong understanding of good physical and mental health and ensure students can make good, independent choices in later life. We want to encourage resilience in each and every student and strive to ensure our students can persevere at all times.

We built the curriculum with the intent that students will be: 

  • Literate and able to communicate effectively. For example, within a kitchen environment they read recipes and they access briefs across the subject of Health. Leadership opportunities are promoted at all times within the Health curriculum allowing opportunities for students to communicate with each other effectively.

  • Aware of the world and how it functions – teaching food to all our students ensures that our young people are aware of how food is sourced and prepared and how practical kitchen skills are important for day to day living. Throughout PE we are able to link activities and topic areas to global and current issues in sport.

  • Able to take care of themselves and the world. Throughout the subject of health, we teach and strive for our students to understand the importance of good nutrition and diet and physical health. We actively encourage students to keep fit and active through a wide range of sporting activities.

  • Healthy, safe and fit in mind and body. In the Faculty of Health we promote an understanding of good nutrition and diet. We understand how to maintain a healthy active lifestyle through a range of physical qualities and strive to ensure our students understand this too.

  • Ambitious and able to make appropriate life choices. Within the Faculty of Health we actively promote careers within H & C industry and draw on career opportunities in PE lessons. We offer a range of leadership opportunities in lessons e.g. warm ups and Head Chef and we use these opportunities to encourage students to have the desire to lead. 

  • Numerate and able to manage finances. Our Food curriculum allows opportunities for students to learn and understand how to budget and look at profit margins and costings etc in H & C industry. Within PE, our curriculum allows students to look various elements such as distance and reaction time in Athletics. Students can then make transferable links with maths and science. 

  • Technically literate and aware. Our Health curriculum creates opportunities for students to access websites and reviews and to ensure their work is produced successfully and shared with teachers accordingly. The use of ICT has become a medium that is used to share information in lessons. 

  • Able to value creativity within myself and others. This is an area that we thrive upon in the Health Faculty. We strive to allow students to explore their own learning and apply creative tactical strategies in practical lessons. In Food we create dishes from around the world and allow students to design and produce their own imaginative dishes.