Academy Policies


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Administering Medications Policy
Admissions Policy
​Anti-Bullying Policy
Anti-Extremism and Anti Terrorist (Including promoting British Values Policy)
​Attendance Policy
Behaviour Policy
CEIAG Policy
Code Of Conduct
​Complaints Form

Complaints Policy

Counselling Policy

Covid 19 Behaviour Policy
​Charging and Remissions Policy
​Data Protection Act Policy
Drugs and Substance Abuse Policy
EFAT Signed Accounts 2017-18
​E-Safety Policy
Essa Academy EFAT Food Policy
Exclusion Policy
First Aid Policy
​Freedom of Information Request Form
​Freedom of Information Policy

Health and Relationships Education Policy
Health and Safety Policy
​​ICT Acceptable Use Policy
Keeping Children Safe in Education

LGBTQ Policy
Looked After Children Policy
​Positive Mental Health Policy

RSE Policy
​Use and Impact of Pupil Premium Funding
​Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
SEND Policy
​SEND Report

Accessibility Policy
Staff Wellbeing Policy

Essa Accessibility Plan
School Trips & Visits Policy
​Teaching and Learning Policy
​Use of Reasonable Force Policy
Supporting Children with Medical Conditions Policy
​Whistleblowing Policy

Social Media Policy

Travel and Subsistence Policy

Privacy Notices

Signed Accounts 18-19

Lockdown Procedure

Amended Main Funding Agreement

Amended Supplemental Funding Agreement

Deed of Variation of Funding Agreement

Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Premium

Safeguarding Supplement COVID-19

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

New Build Risk Assessment

Visitors Risk Assessment

Pupil Premium 2019-2020 Summary

Pupil Premium 2020-2021 Summary

Essa Academy Remote & Blended Learning Policy

EFAT Centre Policy for Teacher Assessed Grades Summer 2021 Exam Series

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