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Performing Arts

Director of Performing Arts

Mr. C Duffy

We want our students to be valuable citizens of society, community and country.

Curriculum Intent for Drama:

"In Drama we aim to celebrate the successes of the individual as well as the team’s collective voices. We promote understanding, diversity and respect through creation of theatre. We aim to not only develop student’s creativity but also communication and confidence. We develop innovative and courageous students who are ready to thrive."

We built the curriculum with the intent that students will:

  • literate and able to communicate effectively

  • aware of the world and how it functions

  • able to take care of themselves and the world

  • healthy, safe and fit in mind and body

  • ambitious and able to make appropriate life choices

  • numerate and able to manage finances

  • technically literate and aware

  • able to value creativity within myself and others

Download the full Drama curriculum overview here

Curriculum Road Maps

Curriculum Road Maps

Curriculum Road Maps

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