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Performing Arts

Faculty Leader

Mr. C Duffy

"In Drama we aim to celebrate the successes of the individual as well as the team’s collective voices. We promote understanding, diversity and respect through creation of theatre. We aim to not only develop student’s creativity but also communication and confidence. We develop innovative and courageous students who are ready to thrive."

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We want our students to be valuable citizens of society, community and country.

We built the curriculum with the intent that students will be:

  • literate and able to communicate effectively

  • aware of the world and how it functions

  • able to take care of themselves and the world

  • healthy, safe and fit in mind and body

  • ambitious and able to make appropriate life choices

  • numerate and able to manage finances

  • technically literate and aware

  • able to value creativity within myself and others

Students experience a broad, deep and knowledge rich curriculum:

​We look at our offer as one fluid key stage from 7-11, where experiences and subject choice is built upon and layered. We offer qualifications that go beyond the norm and add breadth and depth to the foundations of the students prior learning.  The curriculum is accessible to all and every student succeeds; they leave equipped with the qualifications that will improve their life chances and employability. 

  • Promote spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of students and of society. We do this through our choice of stimuli and cultural issues raised within our schemes of work in KS3. We encourage children to perform as children. We debate cultural differences and celebrate our differences.

  • Offer opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. Drama encourages students to work together as a team but also focus’ them as an individual. Students learn the discipline of drama as well as the confidence and resilience needed in order to perform. These skills will guide students in all aspects of their academic life as well as the life they will lead within society.

  • Link to PSHE, English, Science, History, Art, Careers, Business Studies, Music, Religious Studies – this is down to the themes, issues, historic events, texts, stimuli and skills that are covered within Drama from KS3 – 4.

  • Helps influence an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.

  • Develops students’ spoken language, reading, writing and vocabulary.

  • Competency in the art of speaking and listening as well as making formal presentations.

Unique selling points in our curriculum:

  1. We can engage in different issues within society and challenge students to give their opinion.

  2. We want students to express themselves.

  3. We have the ability to build confidence and articulacy in ALL students – regardless of prior knowledge.

  4. We set high expectations and create awe and wonder for the students.

  5. We are giving our students the ability to experience things they wouldn’t normally experience.

  6. The transferrable skills that students learn in drama can and will stay with them as they progress into the big wide world.

Our students WILL be valuable citizens of society, community and country.

To be literate and able to communicate effectively

  • From KS3 – KS4 students are encouraged to use both verbal and non-verbal communication techniques. This is within performance, presentation and when working in a group.

  • Students often evaluate each other and are prompted to use key drama terminology but also think about being analytical, critical but also supportive.

To be aware of the world and how in functions

  • From KS3 – KS4 we look at social issues and themes as part of our stimuli. This helps students see the modern world as it is, from different perspectives and prompts students to consider their own opinions on the matters.

  • More in KS4 we look at more serious issues and how choices made now can impact later lives.

  • We also look a budgeting, presenting, health and safety and production job roles.

To be healthy safe and fit in mind and body

  • Drama helps focus the mind and is a safe and controlled space for students to express themselves.

  • It is a physical subject so students are encouraged to use their body language to communicate thoughts, feelings and emotions.

To be ambitious and able to make appropriate life choices

  • Drama is a practical subject so students naturally compare their work to that of their peers which creates healthy competition in which students look for ways to improve.

  • We have high expectations of our students but with an understanding of limitations – we aim that all students will show progress throughout their time in drama.

  • The schemes of work and stimuli we cover encourages students to make the right life choices as they explore what would happen if they didn’t.

To be technically literate and aware

  • Within KS4 students must complete a variety of research and typed coursework. Students are taught how to navigate the internet, use word, create tables, find appropriate images and consider presentation skills.

To value creativity within myself and others

  • The ethos in which drama upholds.