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Manchester United Foundation


Ashley Curran

Foundation Coach

Hello, I’m Ashley!


I work for Manchester United Foundation here at Essa Academy. I closely work with a number of students with additional barriers to learning who may require that extra support. Every student at ESSA is also my focus. I’m so grateful to be able to offer opportunities that you cannot find anywhere else.


At Essa we offer a variety of internal opportunities for students to take part in. These consist of sport-specific activities during social times and offering 1-1 mentoring provision for students who need that extra support outside of the classroom. Additionally, MU Foundation and Essa work simultaneously to provide bespoke workshops, qualifications and trips that are tailored to the students. We want to offer the best of experiences and opportunities as possible.


Essa students have been offered many and ever-growing external opportunities. For example, students get the chance to attend Old Trafford to watch the first team play. The Foundation allow Essa students to represent their school in tournaments that are held at the club’s facilities. Also, students are selected to become mascots at Old Trafford for Premier League, Champions League and Domestic Cup games.


These are just a handful of opportunities that are offered to the students. There are many more to come that will open up throughout the year.


My time at Essa has been fantastic so far, and I’ve loved every single second of it! I’m looking forward to continuing to have a positive impact on student lives.


If you are looking to come to Essa, I hope to see you soon!


All the best,


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