Maths Faculty

Ms. S Perry

Mathematics: A Gatekeeper of Success In All Fields of Life

The Mathematics Faculty has eight dedicated classrooms with Interactive White Boards and a range of resources to aid students in the visualisation and understanding of mathematical concepts.


There are 12 teachers in the Faculty, all of which are Mathematics specialists. Students are offered a range of support such as after-school intervention, homework clubs and morning revision sessions. Students regularly compete against local schools in regional competitions, and students from all year groups sit the UKMT challenges every year. In 2018, 42 students gained awards in these challenges and 4 students qualified for the prestigious Kangaroo competitions.



Key Stage 3

Students are assessed on entry and put into suitable groups allowing them to receive appropriate challenge and support. During years 7 and 8 they follow a rich mastery curriculum which aims to develop the resilience needed to apply skills to a range of real-life problems and scenarios. They are encouraged to reflect on their own learning and evaluate different methods and approaches. The ethos is instilled that students learn by attempting questions, sometimes making mistakes, but building confidence and deepening understanding as part of the learning cycle. Concrete and Pictorial methods are used which build towards the development of abstract methods.


Key Stage 4

In year 9 Students start the GCSE course leading towards the 9-1 GCSE exam which all students take at the end of year 11. Students follow either the Higher or Foundation GCSE course, with this decision being based on rigorous assessment to ensure students are on the course best suited for them. All course content is aimed to be completed by the end of the Autumn term in year 11, leaving ample time for exam question practice and preparation.

Since the introduction of the new GCSE specification the results are:


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