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Musical Theatre

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Character Development Lead

Miss N Squire

We want our students to be valuable citizens of society, community and country.

Curriculum Intent for Character Development:

At Essa Academy we pride ourselves on delivering a Character Development program with passionate practitioners that believe in the importance of our students progression, not just academically but personally too. We prepare our students to have high aspirations and provide hands on experiences from year 9 to 11 with the intention for students to be prepared for life after Essa. Character Development is a powerful addition to Essa life with all students from year 9 accessing activities that with help them to gain important life skills. Commitment, Confidence, Resilience and much more.


We built the curriculum with the intent that students will:

  • Students will understand the importance of expanding their skill set with a range of exciting new practices that can make a positive impact on their life.

  • Students will have opportunities to find potential new career choices through hands on and practical experiences.

  • Students will learn how each Character Development option links to the wider world and the Essa Curriculum, given them opportunity to always look at cross curricular links. .

  • Students will be able to earn extra qualifications that are highly accredited throughout the country.

  • To be Innovative and be able to apply these skills to a wide range of contexts

  • To show students that there is so much more to education than academic scores and giving the more practical students a chance to shine and be successful.

  • For Students to leave in year 11 with an understanding that they can contribute to society and their local community in many ways, becoming young leaders in their very own way.

Musical theatre is a powerful element of performance. 

Our students gain an understanding of what musical theatre is, looking at characterisation and adapting to different roles and using the power of music in a performance through voice and music. 

Students also look at the number of roles in a theatre that lead to many career options. 

Musical Theatre opens the students eyes to the many opportunities that link to performance! There’s a world of performance out there!

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