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Principal's Welcome

Principal's Message


I am delighted to welcome you to Essa Academy.  Essa Academy is an integral part of our locality and together we will ensure Essa continues to be a school we are all proud of. 


How do we define success? Is it just academic? Personal? Or is it a mixture of the two? 


I believe in ensuring our students leave Essa with a skill-set that prepares them for future employment. I believe that qualifications get you an interview; it’s the person that gets the job. We have to deliver both. Students have one chance at a secondary education and have 1000 school days to be the best they can be. My job is to ensure every day counts so ‘All Will Succeed’.


This is achieved through:


  • A clear focus on English, Maths and Science

  • Compulsory GCSE option of either Music, Art or Drama

  • Latest computing facilities: both Windows and Apple devices

  • Outstanding pastoral support: safe and happy students learn!

  • Stimulating environment and fantastic facilities

  • Ensuring the right courses based on ability and potential

  • Promoting leadership through delivery of Duke of Edinburgh, Sports Leaders, Young Leaders, Army Cadets

  • Providing our unique ‘Essa Experience’ course culminating in graduation each year

I believe we have something very special at Essa Academy.  Pop in and see what we are about. 


I look forward to seeing you soon.

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