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Reporting to Parents

How do we assess your child's progress?

At Essa Academy, students are assessed using the new GCSE 9-1 scale. We also have ‘W’ grades and these are grades that sit below GCSE grade 1. The 9-1 scale is linked to GCSE grades, therefore it is easy to understand. Within the new scale, 1 is the lowest grade with 9 being the highest. 

For some of our students, being assessed on a 9-1 scale does create an element of challenge. The criteria sets a high standard. A minority of students in all years may not be working at GCSE grade 1. To support these students, we use ‘W’ grades. Therefore we can still accurately measure progress for each individual child.
It is important that as parents and as an Academy, we view progress as a journey. Small steps every term, whilst building knowledge and developing skills, are the key to GCSE success. Students are expected to progress gradually through the levels, steadily and securely, over time.

Click here for a brief parents' guide to the new GCSE Grading System.


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