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Rewards and Sanctions



Students at Essa Academy are rewarded for demonstrating Effort, Standards, Spirit and Achievement. Rewards are given by teachers using ClassCharts during lessons, and can also be given at social times using our reward cards. The reward points for each student are then displayed in form time every Monday morning.

Students and form groups with the most reward points each half term will be awarded with prizes throughout the academic year, including certificates and badges, form parties and other rewards as determined by the pastoral team.




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Students who choose to disrupt learning will have consequences. The ‘C system’.

This consequence system is designed to be transparent and to educate students that actions and choices have consequences.

Detentions of up to one hour will be held on the same night, and C1s / C2s can be given as break and lunchtime detentions.

Please note that although we will endeavour to notify you of any detention, government guidance states that we are not obliged to do so.

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