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Science Faculty

Mr J. Turner

We want our students to be valuable citizens of society, community and country.

Curriculum Intent for Science:

At ESSA Academy, we encourage students to be inquisitive throughout their time at the school and beyond. The Science curriculum fosters a healthy curiosity in students about our universe and promotes respect for the living and non-living. We believe science encompasses the acquisition of knowledge, concepts, skills and positive attitudes. Throughout the programmes of study, the students will acquire and develop the key knowledge that has been identified within each topic and across each year group, as well as the application of scientific skills. We ensure that the Working Scientifically skills are built-on and developed throughout student’s time at the school so that they can apply their knowledge of science when using equipment, conducting experiments, building arguments and explaining concepts confidently and continue to ask questions and be curious about their surroundings. 

Within our curriculum we recognise the importance of literacy and numeracy. All good scientists use these skills on a daily bases therefore there is a strong focus on these skills for each science lesson at Essa academy. In our department our aim is to promote excellent use of literacy and numeracy skills whereby our students will become literate, numerate and be able to communicate effectively. 

The Curriculum for Science aims to ensure that all students:

  • To provide a balanced, relevant Science education for all students. 

  • To develop a scientific knowledge and understanding appropriate to individual abilities. 

  • To develop planning, manipulative, data recording, analytical and evaluative skills within the context of scientific investigations. 

  • To encourage students to develop enquiring minds and their ability to ask questions and generate ideas.

  • To develop communication skills, both written and spoken, and to foster the ability of students to work together in groups. 

  • To promote an awareness of science in society and how important it has been in world development, together with the interaction between science, technology and the environment. 

  • To foster a lifelong interest and enjoyment in the learning of Science.

Download the full Science curriculum overview here

Curriculum Road Maps

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