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Humanities and Languages


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Lead teacher - Miss S. O'Connor

SMSC is about developing our students as a whole person and ensuring that our students are given the skills and opportunities to integrate into wider society successfully. This includes their Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development. SMSC is an incorporated part of the Essa Academy’s Eight Wonders and have been interleaved into all faculty’s curriculum plans. The delivery of the curriculum is underpinned by these values and delivered predominantly through good quality teaching and learning. Additionally, the Student Leadership Team consists of students elected from each class from KS3 and an application and interview process. The students provide a forum for students to contribute to the decision-making process in the Academy and to lead on student wellbeing via the buddy/ mentor system.

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Students’ Social aspect is developed across the Academy in many ways. It is demonstrated by their willingness to participate in a range of activities from outside agencies for Essa Experience Day, Careers Fairs and Work Experience. This involves interacting with a variety of students and adults of different backgrounds. Through various ways, students develop a set of interpersonal skills necessary for building relationships in all elements of not only extra-curricular activities but within the curriculum.


Student’s Moral aspect is developed in many ways through a well-planned and developed behaviour system, form time, RS and PSHEE curriculum. Students show their understanding of right and wrong and the consequences to their actions. Students can recognise these differences not only in school but how this reflects in society as well. Students are also given the opportunity to develop this understanding during Essa Experience days.


Student’s Spiritual development is shown through their willingness to reflect on the beliefs around the Academy, as well as their own to inform their perspective on not only but in society as well. Students that have a strong spiritual development also demonstrate enjoyment in learning about others and the worldwide spiritual community. Students can do this throughout the curriculum, for example, in Arts, RS, PSHEE and the Character Development programme.


Student’s Cultural development can be demonstrated through their participation in cultural opportunities such as, music, sport and the arts. Students understand and celebrate what makes each individual unique through the Essa community as well as the local community. Student’s also have the opportunity to study their heritage and what makes them who they are, this is done through RS, History and PSHEE.

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