A smart appearance reflects the right attitude to learning within and beyond Essa Academy

Academy Uniform:

Our uniform creates Essa Academy's identity and establishes a sense of pride amongst the students. As an inclusive and ‘rights respecting’ school we have made every attempt to ensure our uniform is gender neutral. It is expected that all students will come to Essa Academy every day in full, neat, clean uniform, giving the message that our students take pride in belonging to Essa Academy. This will continue to be the case until the student leaves the Academy and will also apply to the public examination period for all students. Staff are required to ensure these standards are maintained at all times. We believe that uniform sends a strong message about standards and self-worth. Admission to our Academy implies acceptance of the uniform code.

All students are expected to have the correct uniform, which can be purchased from the following retailers:


Whittakers Schoolwear

106 Deansgate, Bolton BL1 1BD


Smart Schoolwear

Units 5,6 & 7, Black Horse St, Bolton BL1 1SY




One pair of stud earrings in the ear only, maximum size 5mm, in black, silver or diamante. No other visible piercings are permitted.


Hair no shorter than a ‘number 3’ cut. No extreme hairstyles (for example ‘tramlines’ or non-natural hair colourings) are permitted. No lines in eyebrows.



Very subtle make-up is permitted, however, the Principal reserves the right to instruct removal of make-up should it be deemed unacceptable.



All students will have the following equipment all day, every day:

Student Planner - containing timetable and updated daily

Three pens (black, blue and red), ruler, pencils, calculator

Full PE kit on the days of PE.

Bag – all students will be expected to have a large bag (big enough to carry A4 exercise books / PE kit / equipment).


PE Uniform:



Compulsory Kit - Essa PE T-shirt, Essa Shorts, Essa Socks

Optional - Essa PE jumper

Boys are unable to wear the school Essa jogging pants




Compulsory kit - Essa PE T-shirt, Essa socks, Essa shorts and/or Essa jogging pants

Optional - Essa PE jumper