Vision and Values

Our mission is ‘All Will Succeed’. 


We strive for all stakeholders of Essa Academy to achieve their full potential and reach their goals. We strive for all stakeholders to become the best people they can be, rising to personal and professional challenges and achieving 'success' in their lives.



Through carrying out and embodying our core values every day, and displaying the Essa characteristics and behaviours in all they do, we believe that 'All Will Succeed':

We believe that effort is a key component to success and achievement. To be able to be resilient and overcome adversity enables students and staff to exceed expectations and overcome any challenges they may face in their academic, personal and professional journey.

What 'effort' means to us:

  • To put 100% into everything we do.

  • To have a growth mindset.

  • To be resilient.

  • To never give up.


Our standards represent who we are as professionals and people. At Essa Academy we place a great deal of emphasis on punctuality, attendance and uniform, as we believe that students who are on time with the correct attitude and ready to learn are much more likely to succeed.

What 'standards' means to us:

  • To always be on time and ready to learn.

  • To always demonstrate excellent behaviour.

  • To achieve above 96% attendance.

  • To always have the correct uniform and equipment.

Our character, our personality, our heart. At Essa Academy, the development of soft skills and character building is just as important to us as academic success. We want our stakeholders to be great people who respect the local community, each other and demonstrate the British Values. The Essa Experience provides our students with opportunities to develop in spirit through activities such as charity fundraising, Earth Day and much more, whilst our Extra Curricular programme enables students to go above and beyond within particular subject areas, developing skills and hobbies for life.

What 'spirit' means to us:

  • To always do the right thing.

  • To go above and beyond.

  • To demonstrate energy and enthusiasm.


The ultimate goal which underpins our mission that 'All Will Succeed', is that every student achieves the grades they need to be successful in the future. We expect all stakeholders to aim high and set challenging short- and long-term goals and targets for themselves. We aim for all students to understand the flight path to achieving their goal, and to understand how to achieve the grades needed through making above expected progress in their chosen subjects. 

What 'achievement' means to us:

  • To strive to achieve your potential.

  • To always make at least expected progress.

  • To set high aspirations and goals.

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