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Learning is at the heart of all we do

Apple Distinguished School

Our mission at Essa is to ensure "All Will Succeed" with this in mind our curriculum, organisation of learning and our support for our young people is centered on the learner. This unrelenting focus on learning has helped the academy significantly improve outcomes for our students.

A building that facilitates the development of relationships

Creating the climate for learning is essential if we are to get our young people fully engaged in learning. The building is centred around two key space our restaurant which doubles as a meeting and work space and the heart space which as well as providing a social meeting space is also our circulation hub.

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06 June 2016

GCSE History Exam ... GCSE Psychology Unit 1 Exam ... GCSE Economics Unit 11 Exam

Term begins

07 June 2016

GCSE English Exam F&H

08 June 2016

GCSE German Exam Unit 1 and 2 F&H ... GCSE ICT Exam ... GCSE Geography Unit 2 Tier F&H Exam

09 June 2016

GCSE Math Exam - Calculator (H) ... GCSE Math Written Exam

GCSE Psychology Unit 2 Exam ... GCSE Economics Unit 12 Exam

10 June 2016

GCSE Science B Exam ... GCSE Chemistry Exam ... GCSE Music Unit 1 Exam

13 June 2016

GCSE Urdu Unit 1 and 2 Tier F&H Exam

14 June 2016

GCSE History Exam

15 June 2016

GCSE Physics B Exam ... GCSE Science B Exam

16 June 2016

A Level Arabic Written Exam

GCSE Italian Unit 1 and 2 Tier F&H Exam

17 June 2016

GCSE Science B Exam ... GCSE Biology Exam

20 June 2016

GCSE Arabic Reading Exam ... GCSE Religious Studies A Unit 8 Exam

GCSE Chemistry B Exam ... GCSE Further Mathematics Exam ... GCSE Arabic Listening Exam

GCSE Science Exam

21 June 2016

Achievements Evening

GCSE History Exam ... GCSE D&T Graphic Productions Unit 1 Exam

22 June 2016

GCSE Science Exam ... GCSE Physics Exam

23 June 2016

GCSE Arabic Writing Exam

24 June 2016

GCSE Further Mathematics Paper 2 Exam

27 June 2016

Final GCSE Examination ... GCSE Statistics Unit 1 Tier H Exam

04 July 2016

Academy closure day

05 July 2016

Academy closure day

06 July 2016

Academy closure day

22 July 2016

Term ends

our community
Our community


Essa Primary - Bolton’s newest two form entry primary school opened it’s doors in September 2014. This exciting new school has been set up under the Government’s Free School initiative by the Essa Foundation Academies Trust. Essa Primary School will cater for children aged four to eleven by 2020. This year children are able to join in Reception, Year One, Two and Three.

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