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English Faculty

Ms L Hayes

We want our students to be valuable citizens of society, community and country.

Curriculum Intent for English:

We desire that our students will be empowered to question and engage, to become more empathic and tolerant through encountering a range of literary texts that allow students to think beyond their own time and place.

The English curriculum encourages original, critical, and creative thinkers through fostering a love of language and an appreciation of literature. Our curriculum ensures that our students are exposed to a range of Literary Heritage through the ages, from Medieval England to worldwide modern-day literature. They will develop their understanding of literary movements and the literary canon though a varied, rich, and broad reading of fiction and non-fiction to explore how language is used as a means of expression and discovery. Our students will develop their abilities as writers and orators, as we equip our young individuals with transferable skills, enduring knowledge, and the cultural fluency they will need to succeed in the globalised 21st Century.

We built the curriculum with the intent that students will:

  • Be provided with the powerful knowledge help to make the implicit and explicit conclusions.

  • Know that we can and should make predictions about any text, both fiction and non-fiction through exploratory questioning.

  • Know that there are a set of fundamental universal and timeless themes/ideas influencing the intentions of writers and that this spans the entire chronology of literary canon including what will become the canon of the future as these ideas/themes transcend the boundaries of time. E.g. Class divide, abuse of power, gender boundaries and inequality.

  • Know and articulate that they too are connected to these universal and timeless themes/ideas and this can inform their own personal responses to a text.

  • Understand and acquire a control over language both written and spoken so that students can discover the potential power it can have and can give.

Download the full English curriculum overview here

Curriculum Road Maps

Curriculum Road Maps

Curriculum Road Maps

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