Information about Free School Meals During Closure:

Tesco Vouchers

Throughout the duration of this period of closure, Essa Academy we will be offering Tesco Vouchers for students who usually access Free School Meals. Please see below for details:


FAQs: Free School Meals

What is the value of each voucher?

This week's voucher (Monday 23rd March) will be for £20 (£4 per day). The total weekly value moving forward will be reviewed at the end of this week and updated on our website. The value of the vouchers will be more than the current free school meal provision of £2.40 a day.


Will vouchers be issued in advance or arrears?

The vouchers will be issued in advance at the beginning of each week. Students will receive an email direct to their school email address. 


Will the vouchers cover school holidays?

No. The vouchers will only cover days when pupils would have been in the academy. 


What exactly will I receive?

Students will receive an email to their academy email account from Tesco which will include an E-Voucher. 


Can I use the voucher to buy anything?

No. The voucher can only be used to purchase food. 


Where can the voucher be spent?

You can use the voucher to buy food in any Tesco store in the United Kingdom. The vouchers cannot be used for online purchases or at Tesco petrol stations.


Will I be able to use the voucher online?

No. The voucher cannot be used for purchases on the Tesco website.


My child isn’t eligible for Free School Meals, but I’m struggling to afford everyday essentials.  What should I do?

We recognise that some of our families may struggle to afford everyday essentials over the coming weeks, particularly those who are self-isolating. If you require support with the cost of food and other essential items for your family during this difficult time, please get in touch via our website and include your child’s name. We are here to support our families through this difficult time and will try to support you as best we can.

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