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Religious Studies

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Faculty Leader RS and SMSC

Ms. L Gallagher

We want our students to be valuable citizens of society, community and country.

Curriculum Intent for Religious Studies:

Having an awareness and understanding of different faiths and beliefs has never seemed more relevant. As the 21st century continues to highlight the significance that religion and other philosophies have in shaping human behaviour, our curriculum is fundamental in the personal and social development of our students. Our curriculum challenges our students to look beyond their previous conceptions and familiarities to promote acceptance and appreciation of a range of faiths and practices. However, we seek every opportunity to demonstrate similarities between the faiths and communities that make up our own Essa community to promote social and ethnic harmony. This allows our students to identify that there is more to unite our multi-faith country than there is to divide us. Our approach nurtures our students’ understanding and develops the necessary skills to allow them to appreciate and appraise various responses, as well as forming and communicating responses of their own.

Download the full Religious Studies curriculum overview here

Curriculum Road Maps

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